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Minnesota Golf Discounts

Jay and I are a little sick of winter. So let's talk about summer vacation in Minnesota instead! I'm thinking about MN family vacation with sandy beaches, walleye fishing, relaxation and Minnesota GOLF! We are pleased to partner with two local golf courses offering golf discounts to all of our guests this summer! Pokegama Golf Course and Eagle Ridge Golf Course have extended an offer to our guests for significantly reduced green fee/golf cart rates. This season all of our guests can ... Read more

Groomed Snowmobile Trails, Fresh Snow and Perfect Weather!

I think all of us can agree that winter has been pretty long so far. And the fact that it is only mid-February might make some folks head for the nearest airport to escape the cold. However, Mother Nature has finally given us a break this week with perfect snowmobile and x-ski trail conditions, fresh snow for grooming and "warm" temperatures to enjoy it! Guests staying at Wildwood over the last few weeks are reporting near-perfect snowmobile trail conditions with all local ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors and Demolition

The Minnesota fall color season is upon us and while it isn't as spectacular as some other years it's pretty darn beautiful! We were very dry coming into the fall so lots of the trees have dropped their leaves already. However, there is still plenty of beautiful fall scenery to take in. The DNR estimates that we are at 50-75% in our area while northern Itasca County is at 75-100%. A drive up the Highway 38 Scenic Byway or Scenic 7 ... Read more

The Wolfhounds at Wildwood Resort

For the last week or so we've been overwhelmed with running the resort and planning for our big project. As we prepared over last weekend for our the final week of a "full" resort we were feeling tired and wishing we could just close up shop and get on with construction. The group we were preparing for are members of the Wolfhounds - men who served in the 2/27 Wolfhounds C Company 2nd platoon. They are Vietnam veterans who come together every ... Read more

Snapshots of a Minnesota Vacation

Since a picture speaks 1,000 words I'm going to let these photos tell the story of the last week or so at Wildwood.  (Hint:  there was a lot of fishing, family time and fun at the lake!)  We also have had some fabulous FOOD so I included a recipe, too.  Enjoy! A neighbor on the lake shared her very fabulous rhubarb recipe with us.  I've lost track of how many times we've made it in our house this summer! Rhubarb Meringue Dessert 2 Cups ... Read more

Summer Vacation in Full Swing

We love summer!  It's so much fun to see our guests enjoy themselves on their summer vacation.  We've all been enjoying beautiful days by the lake  and gorgeous sunsets over the campfire.  Potlucks on Monday nights bring everyone together and our children's activities program entertain the kids twice weekly.  It's hard to believe that we are already at the half-way mark of our summer!  But don't worry...we've got lots of sunsets and sunny days to go before it's back-to-school time. July is ... Read more

How to Enjoy a Minnesota Vacation

This summer is our 15th year as owners of Wildwood Resort.  It's hard to believe that much time has passed since our first nerve-racking, name-memorizing summer of 1999!  We knew that we would love our life here but had no idea that our amazing guests would be the greatest blessing of resort ownership.  A year ago this week was the "Great Storm of 2012." (You know it was a doozy if it gets it's own name!) We are fortunate to be ... Read more

Hello, Minnesota Summer Vacation!

We are so thankful that our summer season has finally arrived!  The cabins are open, the sun is shining and the temperatures are warming so it really seems like we are ready for the Minnesota vacation season to begin. We have guests in and they are catching fish and relaxing on our beach. It's nice to hear kids laughing on the playground and smell breakfast cooking outside in the morning. We have two potlucks under our belt and our kids' activities ... Read more

Waiting on Minnesota Fishing Opener

During most of our years at Wildwood Jay has already gotten one or two sunburns by May 1st. He's usually been outside 15 hours per day trying to get everything done at once.  This year the poor man is trying not to lose his mind as he waits for the chance to start doing everything at once.  He's been accomplishing important business-y stuff that usually gets forgotten this time of year but that is of little consolation.  As I write this post we ... Read more

How to Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species in Minnesota Lakes

Fishing in Minnesota is a pillar of the tourism economy in our state and beautiful water is the focal point for most Minnesota family vacations!  Good stewardship by all who enjoy Minnesota lakes ensures clean water and good fishing for generations to come.  This is a letter that we will be sending out to our guests prior to their arrival this summer. We hope to encourage everyone who fishes or recreates on Minnesota water to think of ways they can prevent ... Read more
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