Winter Weekends in Grand Rapids, MN

Winter weekends in Grand Rapids, MN are a special kind of special! For both winter-lovers AND winter-haters alike, a weekend at Wildwood Resort near Grand Rapids, Minnesota is a balm for the frost-bitten soul. Our gorgeous and cozy cabins are the perfect backdrop for an UpNorth weekend spent ice fishing, snowmobiling, x-skiing or just relaxing! […]

Fall Plans for the Empty Nester

This fall my husband and I are facing something entirely new: an empty nest. We have had our older daughter home with us for her first few years after high school. But timing is such that as our youngest prepares to leave for college our oldest is also preparing to move away from home. We […]
winter sunset over bass lake

In Support of Minnesota Winter Vacations

We are often asked by our summer guests what it’s like to stay in the winter.  The people asking the question are usually those who don’t love winter and, therefore, don’t have a lot of winter hobbies. And since they can watch the weather and see our temps well below 0°, they are understandably suspicious […]

Top 10 Things To do on a Minnesota Summer Vacation

Every Minnesota family resort offers something different. At Wildwood Resort we pride ourselves on providing the perfect backdrop for your Minnesota family vacation! To us that means that our guests find clean accommodations, a safe environment, excellent customer service and a beautiful spot on Bass Lake! 2023 marks our 24th season as owners and over […]

Wildwood Resort Is Your Year-round Destination for Unforgettable Minnesota Vacations

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