Minnesota Fall Color Tours

Growing Pains

Jay and I have done a lot of talking about our current renovation plans. It started with talks between us about what we need to do and what we want for Wildwood in the long run. Then came lots of discussions with bankers and builders about whether or not our plans are wise and/or feasible. Those discussions often meant more soul-searching and discussions between us about how much OLDER we are than the last time we did a large project and, ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors and Demolition

The Minnesota fall color season is upon us and while it isn't as spectacular as some other years it's pretty darn beautiful! We were very dry coming into the fall so lots of the trees have dropped their leaves already. However, there is still plenty of beautiful fall scenery to take in. The DNR estimates that we are at 50-75% in our area while northern Itasca County is at 75-100%. A drive up the Highway 38 Scenic Byway or Scenic 7 ... Read more

Looking Forward

This week we have started the demo of our older cabins. From past experience we knew that seeing the cabins with doors and windows torn out is painful. However, past experience still doesn't lessen the shock of seeing the cabins torn up. We've emptied Cabins 2, 3 & 4 and started the "gutting" of Cabin 1. We've packed up and stored what we'll reuse and we are in the process of selling or donating the rest. Right now the building are scheduled to ... Read more

Vroom! Vroom!

We awoke Thursday morning to a layer of snow covering the grass.  It wasn't frost, either.  It was honest-to-goodness "but-it's-only-October" snowfall!  At first I wasn't too happy.  But as I headed into town to work that morning I changed my tune.  While driving down our road I found myself scanning the ditch where the snowmobile trail comes off the lake.  Let me tell you that a few minutes of anticipating snowmobiling flipped my frown up-side-down!!  I'm trading in my swimming suit for the snowmobile ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors – Change is in the Air

No matter how hard it is to believe we've actually made the plunge into fall.  It seems like just yesterday we were in our summer rhythm!  Now we're trying to find a new routine with cabins turning over almost every day. The girls are back in school but it's still a struggle some days to remember to go get them. (!) The fall color season has officially began.  I missed it, by the way.  I was just commenting to someone yesterday that the tree I use ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors at Their Best!

When we started this blog I was concerned that I would lose track of time and forget to post.  It only took me 2 months to do it!  I'm afraid that September knocked me flat.    The change from our summer rhythm to our fall groove is never very graceful.  Off season means that our guests come and go every day so we're cleaning cabins and mowing almost every day while the cabin is empty.   Add to that a new school routine ... Read more

Peace and Quiet – Minnesota Fall Get-Aways

I will be forever amazed I think by the change in the energy at our resort after Labor Day.  Although there are still kids here the place feels so quiet!  Maybe it's just that the pace of our resort life changes so Jay and I notice it more than anyone else would but...wow!  It's is SO peaceful this time of year.  Our guests this week are enjoying some incredible September weather.  Warm and sunny with perfect blue sky and gorgeous sunsets.  ... Read more