Minnesota Ice Fishing

Groomed Snowmobile Trails, Fresh Snow and Perfect Weather!

I think all of us can agree that winter has been pretty long so far. And the fact that it is only mid-February might make some folks head for the nearest airport to escape the cold. However, Mother Nature has finally given us a break this week with perfect snowmobile and x-ski trail conditions, fresh snow for grooming and "warm" temperatures to enjoy it! Guests staying at Wildwood over the last few weeks are reporting near-perfect snowmobile trail conditions with all local ... Read more

Ice Fishing Season Is Coming On!

Anglers waiting for Minnesota ice fishing must be thrilled with our cold temperatures these last few days.  Bass Lake is making ice like crazy! In fact, there are several inches of ice for about 15 feet out from shore. There certainly isn't enough ice to consider ice fishing but it seems like it won't be long before we see people out on the lake for "first ice." It should be good ice this year, too.  It looks like those first layers ... Read more

A River Ran Through It

 This is a re-post of the April 5th blog that I deleted! In March we were blessed with a chance to get away and enjoy a wonderful family vacation.  We spent some time on the white sand beaches of the Mexican Riviera and it was wonderful!  This year we went back to a resort we have visited previously and it was so interesting to have the same "returning guest" frame of mind that our repeat guests have when returning to Wildwood Resort. We knew ... Read more

Let’s Talk About a Minnesota Summer Vacation

We just got another beautiful Minnesota snowfall.  Looks like close to 8 inches at our house and once again the trees are flocked and roads are snow-covered.  Lots of people around town were disgusted by the snow since it had gotten so warm last week.  However, I see the snow as a sign of the coming spring!  March snow is as much a part of the summer cycle as the first sunburn on pasty white skin.  Not as painful, of course, ... Read more

Winter Vacations in Minnesota

Jay and I really do love our life.  I've said before that resorting isn't for everyone and that's true.  Some people think we're lucky because we get to go fishing "whenever we want" in the summer.  In reality we rarely get time to ourselves in the summer and we NEVER take a full day off (let alone a weekend) between May and the end of September.  However, yesterday I was thinking about our wierd life as we drove out of Wildwood on ... Read more


Last winter in Minnesota was a huge disappointment with its lack of snow. And after a freakish rain ruined our snow earlier this month we thought that this winter might be a repeat of last year.  However, we got a lovely storm Monday night which dropped about 4 inches of snow at Wildwood and 8+ just to the north of us.  The warm temperatures that accompanied the storm was also a nice surprise.  After spending a week or more in the double digits ... Read more

Winter is a Wonder at Wildwood Resort

As I approach my middle age and experience the maturing of my body I think I recognize the source of Mother Nature's erratic weather patterns: she's is menopausal!  Rain?  In January?  Did she forget where we live?  This isn't the rainy season.  It's supposed to be the SNOWY season!  Mother Nature needs hormone therapy, STAT!!! Needless to say the rain that we experienced at the end of last week has pretty much ruined the snowmobile trails.  We snowmobiled three times last week ... Read more

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

The weather has turned very winterish all of the sudden!  Nighttime temps are dipping into the single digits and as crazy as it sounds we are happy about it.  The other night I was running some things between cabins after dark.  It was one of those winter nights when everything was still and since there was no moon the sky was just blanketed with stars.  Somehow the crispness of the air brought all those stars into sharp focus  It was the kind of night about ... Read more

Bring on the Hard Water!

This is one of my favorite times of our year.  It's not like "Top 5" favorite times of the year but it's close...Top 10 for sure.  It follows on the heels of my "Number 1 Least Favorite Time of the Year" which is fall.  Love the weather, the colors and the guests.  Just don't love the back-to-school, clean-every-day, do-I-have-clean-sheets-for-the-cabins part of fall.  Then at the very tail end of my Number 1 Least Favorite Time of the Year comes the "Really, ... Read more

Minnesota Ice Fishing at Wildwood Resort – March Madness!

We weren't too happy with Mother Nature when she didn't support our snowmobiling plans this winter.  However, what we didn't anticipate was that our mild winter would be such a boon to MN ice fishing!  We've had more fishermen in this year than ever before and fishing has been really good.  Our guests have found lots of nice sunfish, largemouth bass, northern pike and an occasional crappie.  Most lakes are very accessible right now with the low snow totals but be careful out ... Read more
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