A River Ran Through It

I don’t suppose I’ve ever told you that I hate this time of year?!  It’s the only time I hate living here.  I don’t mind the mosquitoes in the summer or -40 temps in the winter.  However, I can’t stand the end of March when we start our freeze/thaw cycle.  This year we’ve gotten a lot of snow.  It has made snowmobiling a ton of fun but it has caused the great flood at Wildwood this year.  Friday afternoon we had an emergency session of ice chipping around one of the new cabins.  All the snow melt was running down teh sidewalk and into the cabin so we chipped ice, shoveled snow, dug trenches and sandbagged until we finally got the water diverted.  Unfortunately, we are slow learners because it didn’t occur to us that the very same thing would happen (but much worse) the next day!  Late Saturday afternoon Katie and her friend came running up to the house to report that Cabin 2 was flooded.  We threw on our boots and headed down to the lake and found Cabin 2 in need of a BIG life ring.  The cabin sits off the ground but not by much and the water level was just starting to inch above the bottom of the siding.  All I could think about was Jay’s new bathroom and how our life would suck if he had to rip it out and start over this spring!


We recently returned from a wonderful family vacation.  We spent some time on the white sand beaches of the Mexican Riviera and it was wonderful!  This year we went back to a resort we have visited previously and it was so interesting to have that “returning guest” mind frame that so many of our guests have when they return to Wildwood.  We knew stuff about where we were going.  For instance, we knew that the coconut ice cream is to die for.  And we knew that on the nights when there is a chocolate fountain AND coconut ice cream we would go back to our rooms with the trifecta of sugar high, indigestion and chocolate stains on our clothes!  We snorkeled and swam in the ocean but mostly just laid on chair by the beach for 6 days.  We rested and spent time with our family and caught up on our reading and had guacamole with every meal.  It was heavenly!  There have been so many years that we just slugged on through our year with no vacation.  It’s hard to recharge your batteries when you are always running on empty!  Even though we came back to 12 inches of snow and subzero temperatures I can tell that my reserves are full and I’m ready for another season.  I hope you are planning a life “time out” this year.  If you are Jay and I  would love to have you spend your family vacation with us at Wildwood Resort.  Just think about it. 😉

As I mentioned we came home to lots of snow.  The snowmobile trail conditions right now were the best they had been all year!  We have NEVER had good snow conditions for snowmobiling this late in March.  In fact, snow conditions are just now deteriorating this week.  We rode for the last time on Tuesday and it was wonderful but also obvious that the snow was melting.  While the snowmobilers are happy the ice fishermen are not!  Deep snow with slush on the bottom have made ice fishing by truck or 4-wheeler impossible on Bass Lake.  We are telling our guests to not even try if they aren’t traveling out by snowmobile!  Conditions

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