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ATV Fun in Northern Minnesota

As the popularity of OHV/ATA trails increases so do the number of great trails in our area! Itasca County offers thousands of acres of federal, state, county and industrial forest land that are open to off-highway vehicle riding, but very few designated trails exist. Forest or logging roads are an excellent choice for ATV/OHV use. Each municipality or level of government has a different management plan that governs off-highway vehicle use on their lands. Please check with those governing bodies and know the rules for the type of land you are riding on. Not all classifications of forest roads are open to traffic so be sure to know the rules before you travel.

Most snowmobile trails are not designated for ATV or other off-highway vehicle use. Many snowmobile trails cross private property under a conditional use easement that is specific to winter travel, other snowmobile trails cross swampland that is not designated for ATV or off-highway vehicle use. A sincere effort is being made to develop a comprehensive map of off-road riding opportunities and create more designated trails.

For more information on ATVing in Minnesota as well as area maps go to:
Minnesota DNR OHV map page

Gilbert (about 63 miles from Grand Rapids) is home to Minnesota’s first designated state recreation area for off-highway vehicles (OHV) and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). This park features more than 1,200 acres of recreation trails, scramble areas, training, hill climbs, rock crawls, special events. This northern Minnesota OHV facility is for use by off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and 4×4 Jeeps and trucks. This park is open to the public for recreational riding and will also host state and national competitive events. Park hours from May 1 to October 31 are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. or until 1 hour before sunset…whichever is earlier and November 1 to April 30 the park is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 1 hour before sunset. You can learn more about the park at: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/ohv/trail_detail.html?id=13

OHV policy for Chippewa National Foresthttp://www.fs.fed.us/r9/forests/chippewa/recreation/atv_trails/index.php

Off-Road Vehicle Riding

Off-highway vehicles (OHV) riding in Minnesota is a growing recreational pastime and Itasca County offers thousands of acres of public and industrial land open to OHV’s. Forest and logging roads take riders through beautiful and secluded areas of the county that are not easily accessible by any other means.  However, keep in mind that all lands open to OHVs have rules that govern their use so make sure you know the rules of the road wherever you ride!

Can Snowmobile Trails Be Used By ATVs?

Most snowmobile trails are not designated for ATV or other off-highway vehicle use because many cross private property under a conditional use easement that is specific to winter travel and still other snowmobile trails cross swampland that is not designated for ATV or off-highway vehicle use.

Public & Private ATV Trails

As with any Minnesota trail system, our access to public and private land is a priviledge. By respecting the land, caring for the environment and adhering to all postings and rules you can do your part to ensure continued access to Minnesota’s nature for all!

Where Can I Ride My ATV?

Off-highway vehicles (OHVs) include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), off-highway motorcycles (OHMs) and off-road vehicles (ORVs), such as 4x4s. OHVs are generally permitted on state forest roads and trails in accordance with state forest motor vehicle use classifications and regulations.

Do I Need a Permit To Ride An ATV or OHM?

Safety training is recommended for everyone that operates an OHV. ATV/OHM safety training is available to anyone 11 or older. 10 and 11 year olds may operate 90cc or less on public lands with a parent or guardian. 12-15 year olds are required to complete MN ATV/OHM Safety Online Class and complete a hands on ATV class. Anyone born after July 1, 1987, who is 16 or older, is required to complete online MN ATV/OHM Safety online class before operating an ATV on public lands, frozen waters, public road rights-of-way, or state or grant- in-aid trails.

What if I Am An Out Of State ATV/OHV Rider?

All non-residents wishing to ride on state or grant-in-aid trails must purchase a non-resident trail pass.

For More Grand Rapids, Minnesota area ATV/OHV information:

VisitGrandRapids.org – maps, links and information about Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Minnesota DNR – rules, regulations, maps and trail pass information
ExploreMinnesota.com – more trail information!

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