Winter in the Northwoods

Merry Christmas everyone! We woke yesterday to some snow so our it's finally looking like Chrismtas around here.  We are still hopeful for more snow but now that the holiday is here the snow might as well hold off until everyoone finishes their traveling! Life at Wildwood is full of blessings for us.  However, the greatest blessings of all are those of you who have come into our lives because of the resort!  We wish each of you a magical Christmas and a blessed New Year!  We hope to ... Read more

Minnesota Snowmobiling, Cross-Country Skiing & Winter Vacations at Wildwood Resort

Life at Wildwood has been pretty quiet these last few weeks.  Jay got the docks out of the lake the first week of November and the shoreline looks very lonely now!  We were tempting the snow fates again this year by waiting until November to get the docks out but, fortunately, he got a nice day for the last chore of the year.  So now the cabins are buttoned up, the boats are put to bed and the docks are stowed ... Read more

The Snowmobiles Are Out of Storage!

This past week we (well, ok it was mostly Jay) got to work on the never-ending job of buttoning up the resort for the winter. He cleaned out the shed to make room for the pontoons and fishing boats. And because of the change of season the snowmobiles got moved out of the storage shed and into the garage. I bet Jay sat on them in the garage for awhile making "Zoom! Zoom!" noises.  In recent weeks we have found ourselves ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors at Their Best!

When we started this blog I was concerned that I would lose track of time and forget to post.  It only took me 2 months to do it!  I'm afraid that September knocked me flat.    The change from our summer rhythm to our fall groove is never very graceful.  Off season means that our guests come and go every day so we're cleaning cabins and mowing almost every day while the cabin is empty.   Add to that a new school routine ... Read more

Peace and Quiet – Minnesota Fall Get-Aways

I will be forever amazed I think by the change in the energy at our resort after Labor Day.  Although there are still kids here the place feels so quiet!  Maybe it's just that the pace of our resort life changes so Jay and I notice it more than anyone else would!  It's is SO peaceful this time of year.  Our guests this week are enjoying some incredible September weather.  Warm and sunny with perfect blue sky and gorgeous sunsets.  ... Read more

Hello, Fall!

I guess that summer really is going to come to an end.  It goes too fast!!  (I'd like to register that as an official complaint!)  However, with that being said it really is time to get on with the year.  Our girls go back to school next week and they are ready.  Supplies are purchased, new clothes are washed and teachers have been introduced so bring on a new school year! My parents went back to Big Red country this week and ... Read more

Minnesota Family Vacation at its Finest!

The weather as I write the blog is so gorgeous!  I love these late summer days when we wear shorts in the afternoon and sweatshirts and jeans by the fire at night.  We've had some rain and wind in the last week but, fortunately, nothing damaging.  The worst outcome of the latest storm was that one of our kayaks has gone missing.  We are hoping to get a call from a neighbor letting us know it washed up on their shore. We ... Read more

The Last Hurrah

Don't you love the smell of a campfire?  It's one of my favorite scents and always reminds me of summer vacation at Wildwood.  The days the nights are getting cooler now so campfires this time of year feel as good as they smell! We seem to be coming out of a slow fishing period.  For the last several weeks we've not had too many entries in our fishing contest.  The hot, sunny days of late July and early August seemed to put a damper on ... Read more

Hello, August! Late Summer Family Vacations at Wildwood Resort

Normally when I talk about family vacations at our resort I'm talking about other peoples' families.  This week, however, I'm talking about my family as well!  My sisters joined us this last week for 6 wonderful days tubing on Bass Lake, stuffing our faces with our favorite recipes (mmmm....homemade ice cream!) and lots of talking.  (Jay often feels the need to go to his "quiet place" during visits with my family.)  We had lots of fun tubing on Big Mable - especially ... Read more

Lazy Days of Summer

I'm starting to sound like a broken record and I've only been blogging a few weeks!  But....I have to say it again...the weather this week has been beautiful.  Only one day this week was a little rainy and otherwise every day has been perfect lay-on-the-beach, tube-on-the-lake, fish-in-the-morning, campfire-in-the-evening kind of days!  Really, summer vacation doesn't get any better than that!  The warm, sunny weather has meant that we haven't seen as many fish this week as in past weeks but last night ... Read more
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