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Explore the Northwoods on ATV Trails

ATV Vacations at Wildwood Resort The heavily forested ATV trails in Itasca County north of Grand Rapids, MN are beautiful no matter what the season. And exploring the woods on an ATV or UTV is an experience unlike any other. Last summer Jay, Karlee and I hit the trails in a 4-seater, side-by-side. Although we have been on area snowmobile trails many times it was a totally different experience in warm weather with leaves on the trees. We also went again in ... Read more

Hope Looks Like a Minnesota Family Vacation

MN Family Vacations - Now More Than Ever Three months ago we could not have predicted the crazy, stay-at-home, wear a mask, keep your distance life we're all living right now! That's what is so anxiety-producing about this COVID situation: not only was it unforeseen but it's also out of our control. The only thing we can do is to concentrate on what we can control:  our thoughts and our actions. Jay and I are choosing to be prayerful and positive every ... Read more

3 Important Reasons to Take Family Vacations

Rest, Reconnect and Reset Your Attitude on Family Vacation We recently returned from a family vacation in Florida.  It was wonderful because we needed the sunshine and we love the beach.  It’s our happy place!  We love the water and the smell and the sand.  The girls and I like to swim and look for shells while Jay likes to sit under an umbrella and a blanket of SPF 9000 sunscreen. The four of us were able to spend time together with ... Read more

How To Select The Perfect Resort For A Minnesota Spring

I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say we've talked to thousands of people in our 20 years at Wildwood Resort. It's a given that as they plan their resort vacations they will have questions. In our early years, one of the most frequent questions we got was "do you have indoor bathrooms?" Today the questions have definitely evolved. They are usually are about Wi-Fi and what cable sports channels we get! In order to help you choose the ... Read more

Minnesota Winter Trail Reports – Grand Rapids, MN

Local MN Trail Reports for Snowmobilers, Ice Fishermen and X-Skiiers Since the big snowstorm that moved through northern Minnesota after Christmas we've been getting lots of calls about snow conditions! The snow was exciting from the perspective that it ushered in the first real chance to get out and ride snowmobiles or x-ski. It was NOT exciting from the plowing and shoveling perspective! ;) The ice depth on Bass Lake is more than 12". So far Jay has not been able to get ... Read more

Ice, Ice Baby! Are You Ready to Ice Fish?!

It's Minnesota Winter Vacation Season It’s hard to believe but we’ve been making ice for more than two weeks already! We have not ventured out on Bass Lake yet but other locals have. We've seen lots of early (crazy?!) fishermen sitting out there on buckets. After the cold weather we’ve gotten for the last several weeks we’re guessing there are 5+ inches of ice out on the lake. It’s been many years since we've had measurable ice before Thanksgiving! I took my first ... Read more

Fall Colors are Just Around the Corner

It's Time to Plan for Your Fall Get-Away I can't believe our fall season is just around the corner! I'm sure that if I looked back at previous blogs I'd say that line in every single late-August-early-September blog. I know that school supplies have been out since July but I've mostly ignored them because it was still summer.  Fall was a loooooong way off in my mind. But today I realize that I can't tell myself that anymore. The girls start their ... Read more

Family Reunions at Wildwood Resort

7 Things to Consider While Planning Your Minnesota Family Reunion Anyone who has ever planned a large group vacation or outing will tell you there are some pitfalls to being the planner. The family reunion planner has an even greater degree of difficulty because it's...well...family. :) Jay and I are starting our 20th season at Wildwood Resort! That's a lot of spent observing the average American family on vacation. As a result, we've developed some opinions about what works and what doesn't ... Read more

Calling All Girlfriends!

Grab Your Girlfriends and Head North! Today is April 12th and it snowed last night. :'( Usually we are gearing up for Minnesota Fishing Opener and talking about family vacations to Wildwood. But today Jay got the plow truck out and cleared the drive. Wow. Waking up to snow was a low blow to our Spring Fever! I'm tempted to sit in my office and pout today but I'm not going to do that. Know why? Because in spite of Mother Nature's temper ... Read more

Wildwood – Not Your Grandfather’s Ice Fishing Resort

There's More to Life Than Just Ice Fishing (No, Really!)   I was sitting here earlier on Superbowl Sunday looking out at a bright, beautiful winter day. It was so pretty out there that it made my heart hurt. But it was also so cold out there that it would have made my skin hurt! Winter in Minnesota ain't for sissies, as all those Superbowl visitors will attest - but winter at Wildwood can be. I'm a fair weather fisherman. I like to ice ... Read more
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