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Family Reunions at Wildwood Resort

7 Things to Consider While Planning Your Minnesota Family Reunion Anyone who has ever planned a large group vacation or outing will tell you there are some pitfalls to being the planner. The family reunion planner has an even greater degree of difficulty because it's...well...family. :) Jay and I are starting our 20th season at Wildwood Resort! That's a lot of spent observing the average American family on vacation. As a result, we've developed some opinions about what works and what doesn't ... Read more

Calling All Girlfriends!

Grab Your Girlfriends and Head North! Today is April 12th and it snowed last night. :'( Usually we are gearing up for Minnesota Fishing Opener and talking about family vacations to Wildwood. But today Jay got the plow truck out and cleared the drive. Wow. Waking up to snow was a low blow to our Spring Fever! I'm tempted to sit in my office and pout today but I'm not going to do that. Know why? Because in spite of Mother Nature's temper ... Read more