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February Ice Fishing at Wildwood Resort

Get Your Bite On - Minnesota Ice Fishing To say that the weather this weekend was a little strange is like saying the Pope is a little Catholic. Friday's warm temperatures would have been odd enough for this time of year but it also rained. It didn't snow and it wasn't even sleeting - it was pouring rain. Needless to say snowmobile conditions have deteriorated. That's the bad news. The more positive news is that snowmobile cancellations have created openings for the ... Read more

Snowmobile Trails & Ice Fishing Report

Bass Lake Ice Fishing Report Ice fishing reports indicate that the bite is hot on Bass Lake! Action is best in the late afternoon hours with most fish being found in about 17' of water. Bite seems to be best from around 3:30 until dark. One local angler told us small jigs tipped with Euro Larvae out-produced waxies roughly 4 to 1. Ice depth is about 12" and we've seen lots of full-sized trucks on the lake. Someone must have plowed a road from the ... Read more