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Minnesota Deer Opener Girl’s Weekend

Grab Your Girls and Have Some Fun at Wildwood Resort! I know that Minnesota Deer Opener is just as important to women who hunt as it is to men. And I know there are many men who don't go deer hunting at all. I'm not trying to start a discussion about societal stereotypes of men and women. (I'll save that for the dinner table because Jay LOVES IT when get on my soap box!) Nope. Instead I'd like to make a suggestion ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors at Wildwood Resort

Fall Colors and a FREE NIGHT! I don't know if you've noticed or not but it's fall. It kinda snuck up on us this year. We were doing our normal summer resort vacation stuff and all of the sudden - BAM! - it's fall. Today the kids are at school, the house is quiet and outside it feels very autumn-y. Jay is happy because it's cool enough for him to put on a sweatshirt. He didn't break a sweat as he did his chores ... Read more