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Can We Snowmobile Yet?

We awoke to temps in the 20s this morning.  The chill in the air has the bite of winter and I couldn't help but think about snow.  And do you know what snow makes me think of?? Minnesota snowmobile season! We're getting ready to pull docks out of the lake and put our boats in storage. When that happens we move our snowmobiles to the FRONT of the storage shed for easy access. It's a seasonal right of passage and the ... Read more

Growing Pains

Jay and I have done a lot of talking about our current renovation plans. It started with talks between us about what we need to do and what we want for Wildwood in the long run. Then came lots of discussions with bankers and builders about whether or not our plans are wise and/or feasible. Those discussions often meant more soul-searching and discussions between us about how much OLDER we are than the last time we did a large project and, ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors and Demolition

The Minnesota fall color season is upon us and while it isn't as spectacular as some other years it's pretty darn beautiful! We were very dry coming into the fall so lots of the trees have dropped their leaves already. However, there is still plenty of beautiful fall scenery to take in. The DNR estimates that we are at 50-75% in our area while northern Itasca County is at 75-100%. A drive up the Highway 38 Scenic Byway or Scenic 7 ... Read more