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Mid-Winter Fun

I took this photo earlier this week when I drove into the resort one evening.  It's probably just a pretty sunset to you but to us it represents the promise of a coming spring!  That fact is hard to believe when the temps outside are into the teens below zero. However, just a few short weeks ago the sun was setting so far to our south that we wouldn't see it set at all in the afternoon.  Now it has moved ... Read more

Winter Vacations in Minnesota

Jay and I really do love our life.  I've said before that resorting isn't for everyone and that's true.  Some people think we're lucky because we get to go fishing "whenever we want" in the summer.  In reality we rarely get time to ourselves in the summer and we NEVER take a full day off (let alone a weekend) between May and the end of September.  However, yesterday I was thinking about our wierd life as we drove out of Wildwood on ... Read more

Perfect Snow Conditions!

Go ahead, ask me...  Ask me how much fun we had yesterday on our weekly snowmobile trip!  I'd say it wasn't great..it was PERFECT!  While we don't have as much snow on the ground as we did in 2011 the snow conditions on the trails are gorgeous.  Yesterday we rode 130 miles with friends and most trail conditions were fabulous even though not all the trails had been groomed after the recent snow.  The day was chilly to begin with - about ... Read more