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Oh My Aching Back!

I'm pretty sure I'm old now.  It's not the sagging skin around my chin or the frown line between my eyes that makes me certain.  It's the feeling I get this time of year when 3:00 rolls around and I'm desperate for an excuse to head to the house and rest my aching back.  Spring cleaning and resort-opening projects are for the young-of-back, not the young-of-yester-year.  Apparently Jay and I are firmly in the second group these days!  In spite of our aches and ... Read more

Let’s Talk About Minnesota Family Vacations!!

Spring is my second favorite time of the year.  That's because it is the season where I anticipate my first favorite time of the year - summer!  In northern Minnesota we prize our spring and summer because they are so brief.  The first warm, sunny day of the year we all suddenly remember why we tolerate the long and (sometimes) dreary winter.  The sky seems bluer than we remember and the air is sweeter.  Even though we still don't have any ... Read more