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The Snowmobiles Are Out of Storage!

This past week we (well, ok it was mostly Jay) got to work on the never-ending job of buttoning up the resort for the winter. He cleaned out the shed to make room for the pontoons and fishing boats. And because of the change of season the snowmobiles got moved out of the storage shed and into the garage. I bet Jay sat on them in the garage for awhile making "Zoom! Zoom!" noises.  In recent weeks we have found ourselves ... Read more

Minnesota Fall Colors at Their Best!

When we started this blog I was concerned that I would lose track of time and forget to post.  It only took me 2 months to do it!  I'm afraid that September knocked me flat.    The change from our summer rhythm to our fall groove is never very graceful.  Off season means that our guests come and go every day so we're cleaning cabins and mowing almost every day while the cabin is empty.   Add to that a new school routine ... Read more