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Peace and Quiet – Minnesota Fall Get-Aways

I will be forever amazed I think by the change in the energy at our resort after Labor Day.  Although there are still kids here the place feels so quiet!  Maybe it's just that the pace of our resort life changes so Jay and I notice it more than anyone else would but...wow!  It's is SO peaceful this time of year.  Our guests this week are enjoying some incredible September weather.  Warm and sunny with perfect blue sky and gorgeous sunsets.  ... Read more

Hello, Fall!

I guess that summer really is going to come to an end.  It goes too fast!!  (I'd like to register that as an official complaint!)  However, with that being said it really is time to get on with the year.  Our girls go back to school next week and they are ready.  Supplies are purchased, new clothes are washed and teachers have been introduced so bring on a new school year! My parents went back to Big Red country this week and ... Read more